10 DIY Tips for Packing and Moving Your Home

Do-it-yourself packing tips to prepare your belongings for the big day

  1. Collect a good supply of packing materials. If you are planning on using cardboard boxes, you can purchase professional moving boxes from your moving company. Upon availability Quality Services Moving also offers free used boxes to all of our self-packing customers.

  2. Your boxes should weigh less than 50 pounds to make moving easier. Limit the heavy items to smaller boxes and fill your larger boxes with light items.

  3. Start by packing your out-of-season or non-essential items first.

  4. Always put heavier items in the bottom of a box and lighter items on the top section to avoid crushing.

  5. To avoid loosely packed or unbalanced boxes, fill in gaps with packing paper, towels or clothing.

  6. Avoid mixing items from more than one room in the same box. Packing and unpacking will be faster and easier with this one room at a time packing method.

  7. Labeling or marking boxes with contents will make your life a lot easier when you move into your new home. Make sure each box is marked with the room and a detailed list of the contents. This way, when the boxes are coming off the truck they can be directed to the correct room in the new home.

  8. Remember there are some household goods that cannot be transported on a moving van. Generally these fall into the category of dangerous or hazardous goods. Ask your mover for a copy of their non-allowable list. Separate and arrange to discard these items before moving day.

  9. Tape your boxes generously. Use several pieces of tape to shut the seams, then wrap the boxes all the way around with tape at all stress points.

  10. Have a designated “First Night Box” or suitcase with a selection of supplies that will come in handy. There are certain things you’re going to need on-hand as soon as you arrive at your new place, pack this ahead of time and keep it with you. Make sure you include extra clothing, any treasures, snacks, and toys. Your essentials box will have all the things you’ll be scrambling for upon arrival. These items typically include:

• Tape, scissors, can opener and knife
• Kitchenware, cups and utensils
• Towels, garbage bags, and soap
• Instant coffee and other beverages
• Toiletries
• Medications
• Flashlight and tools
• Paper and pen
• Batteries

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