Virginia Residents Are You Ready For a Hurricane?

Is your family ready for a hurricane?  Virginia lies within the Eastern Atlantic Region and Hurricane Season runs from 1 JUN through 30 NOV.

Many years ago my children had a high school assignment which consisted of assembling an emergency preparedness kit which could sustain our family for up to three days in the event of an emergency/disaster.  We gathered all of the supplies recommended by the American Red Cross and stored those supplies in a 32 gallon wheeled plastic trash can with a lockable lid.  That trash is still in our garage - ready to go after 10+ years.  Each Spring, we pull everything out of the trashcan to ensure the contents are still in workable order and then replace anything which may have expired.  

Other things to remember:

  • Purchase Flood insurance if you live in a low-lying area.  To find out more follow this link:
  • Every 6 months you should check your sump pump to ensure it is working properly.  During hurricanes, a great deal of rain can fall in a short amount of time and cause localized flooding. Your basement is the first place it will begin to accumulate
  • Power outages can also occur during hurricanes and severe weather.  Keep flashlights on every level of your home.  I recommend having a flashlight in every room because you never know where you might be when the power goes off
  • Don't open the refrigerator or freezer during power outages unless there is something inside you can not live without.  Each time the refrigerator or freezer is opened, it allows cold air to escape.  Food can remain at safe temperatures for many hours during a power outage if the doors are not opened
  • Tie down any outside furniture, grill, and children's toys which may blow around during high winds
  • Bring your pets inside during severe weather events
  • Have water available to flush toilet -- we use the bathtub
  • Make sure all propane tanks are filled -- you may need to cook on your grill

Remember: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

***Don't wait until an emergency or disaster becomes a reality -- act now to be prepared.

Virginia Department of Emergency Management website

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